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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mint for Windows Phone will be available between December this year or January next year!

In the past month we had reports of official Mint app coming to Windows Phone platform. But now Karen(Mint Customer Service) have confirmed us that they are developing the app for Windows Phone and we can expect the app between December this year or January next year.

"Approximately, the Windows App would be available between December this year or January next year. So, for the meantime, we are asking for your understanding while we are working with Windows Mint App"
This is great news for the community as more and more apps are coming to  the platform. Also we expect GD3 on the same period.So it will be a great combination!

For those people who don't know about Mint, you can refer the Wikipedia article about the service from here.

Are you an existing Mint user?
What do you feel of the news?
Comment below on whatever you feel off!
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  1. Will it be available for Indian users too?

    And an Important point is, as per wikipedia "Mint asks users to provide both the user names and the passwords to their bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts, which then Mint stores in their databases.... ", I dont think I would be comfortable putting my username -password details on Mint app with all the rampant hacking being unable to be handled by our High Profile Indian Banks and financial instituions.

    May not be looking forward for such an app :D, but good news for Mint users though.

    1. Thanks anurag gupta for your comment!

      Currently mint offers service only in USA and Canada.And i don't know whether they are planning to extend their service to our country!

      Generally Indians do not feel comfortable shopping online submitting their credit or debit credentials(Including me!)

      We have equal USA and Indian visitors for our blog. So we can't be country specific!
      And it was an exclusive. So we couldn't avoid it!
      Sorry if the news didn't help you!
      Keep in touch for more news.



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