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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Lumia Buyback Offer-Switch your old phone for a new Nokia Lumia 620/520(Nokia India)!

lumia buyback offer

Today Nokia India announced 'Lumia Buyback offer' which gives customers an opportunity to return their existing handsets and get a minimum discount of Rs. 4,000 on a new Nokia Lumia 520 or Rs.6,000 on a new Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone.The offer is available at 1500 retail pan stores in India.
See the list of phones available for the offer below:
list of phones
Read the terms&conditions of the offer from here.

It seems that Nokia is really playing the cards wisely to promote smartphones in the subcontinent!
Already Lumia 520 has been a success in the country!
Hats off to Nokia for this wonderful deal!

Do you own a phone mentioned in the list?
Are you gonna make the deal?
Comment below on what you fell of the offer.
Happy Sharing!


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