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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

HTC trolled by Nokia on twitter!

We posted recently on how Nokia trolled Samsung on twitter. Right now Nokia Russia has trolled HTC on twitter. HTC Russia recently asked it's users to share how they use their phone during the deep winter in Russia.

Nokia somehow saw the tweet and reacted quickly. They replied to the tweet by saying "Easy Use" along with a picture of 520 being used by an user wearing gloves meaning it doesn't matter when you have the right device with you!

As you know, the super sensitive touch in Windows Phones helps users to use their phones even while wearing gloves. It's pretty useful during winter especially in Russia right? Watch out this video '127 seconds, if only this guy had a Nokia Lumia' by Nokia explaining how important super sensitive touch is after the break.

Nokia recently has won many patent claims against HTC in many countries and this adds more spice to the battle even if it's on twitter. We should really appreciate the quick wit by Nokia to respond accordingly to the tweet. We should conclude that Nokia really knows to play its card well! 
No doubts!
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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lumia Black rolling out for Lumia 920 and 820 users in India,some users facing errors while updating! [Updated]

 It seems Nokia is rolling out the Lumia Black update for Lumia 920 and 820 users in India. Lumia Black is a firmware update for all Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices. Head past the settings and check whether update is available for your phone.

But, don't be so excited. Unfortunately most of the users weren't able to successfully update their phones to the newer version as most of them faced an error code 80188309 while installing.We checked on our phones and we end up in the same error. Many of our members in our Official Facebook group got the same error while updating. When we googled( oops,'bing'ed)  the error, we found that we are not the only people who got the error.

Only a few lucky users where able to install the update. Most of the users, including us ended up with an error when the installation reached 94-98%. Unfortunately the Lumia Black availability page still shows the update as 'Coming Soon' for Lumia 920 & 820.

We are not sure about what the error is.We have contacted Nokia India from our side and are waiting for their response. We will update the post as soon as we gather more information. In the meantime stick with us and stay updated regarding the news.

Update 1.(02.01 AM IST):-
The issue is being reported worldwide. Remember,we had the same issue when Amber update was rolled out. Some users received only GDR2 from Microsoft and they didn't receive Amber update from Nokia. Here in this case, we assume that  users are getting only the Lumia Black update. But it's still a mystery how some users managed to update their phones. No more assumptions, we will wait for Nokia team to address  the issue. We will have to wait till morning as it's pretty late in India. Stay tuned!

Update 2.(14.06 PM IST)
The mystery is solved. Only users who have GDR3 developer preview preinstalled on their phones were able to update their phones. Others who were on Amber ended up on the error.On Microsoft Forum,they announced the issue was fixed. Still Indian users who are running on Amber are not able to download. Check out the thread on Microsoft.Forums.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Silence your Windows Phone on schedule using the 'Quiet Hours' app!

Quiet Hours app for Windows Phone lets you to silence your phone on schedule allowing the user to sleep without any disturbance of notifications,calls,etc.The feature of controlling the volume of the ringer via an app is something new and intuitive.

The features of the app are:
  • Using it you can schedule when you want to turn silent mode on or off*. 
  • Do it manually in application. 
  • Or use toggle tile on main screen and turn mode by single click!
 Due to the Windows Phone limitation, background task can be run only once per 30 minutes, so the scheduler won't be able to set Sound volume at exact point of time.Also an in app purchase needs to be done, if you want to use scheduler. The UI is not the best we have seen.It's a simple app and we didn't find any major bugs. Overall the app is worth a try.

You can download the app(2 MB) from Windows Phone Store from here or scan the QR code present above.
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AlarmMe, a beautiful alarm alternative for Windows Phone

AlarmMe is a beautiful minimalist alarm alternative for Windows Phone. The app fuses Modern UI and colorful design elements to give you a unique viewing experience. It's way different from the traditional stock alarm present on Windows Phone.Unlike the other alarm apps, the app doesn't doesn't need run off in the background and it's great.Though we have handful of quality photography and weather apps on the windows phone store, we haven't seen much Alarm apps in the store. Trust me, its a perfect app and is worth every penny. The minimalist approach and modern UI makes it unique among other Alarm apps.

               On your first run, you will be greeted with a tutorial.The tutorial is nice and teaches you to use the app perfectly. After the tutorial you will land on a page which has a radial dial. Simply slide on the dial to change the time and double tap to set the alarm. You can add multiple alarms and can also name them intuitively. Tap on the gear for more settings. The app also has the ability to pin alarms as live tile to your start screen.One thing that I loved is the background image of the app. It's pretty awesome and is dynamic. It will change according to the time. Like the cities will be lit up if it's night(PM) and if it's a day(AM) you will see a beautiful sunny day. It's beyond explanation(I can't really explain it!) and we recommend you to give it a try. Regarding the usability, no more explanations as the  tutorial does its job pretty clean.
Main features
* Slide to a time and double tap to set the alarm
* Edit the alarm settings like repeat days, name, color etc.
* Pin your alarms to the Start screen
* Add alarms with a single tap
* Select from a list of catchy tones with more coming in future updates

Talking about the stability of the app,we found no major lags or glitches.We have been using the app for a while as we were part of the private beta of the app. We tested it on our Lumia  520,620,720 and 920. It worked perfectly on these devices. You might find some small bugs as the app is till at its early stages.Hats off to the developer for it's clean and modern UI. We have been in touch with the developer for a while and he gave some hints regarding the future updates. More tones, 24 hour system option,bug fixes,coupons for users and  beta testers,etc are some features of the upcoming updates. Let's not stress much on these right now as we will cover more about these  on future posts. Right now, use the app and let us know if you find any bugs and we will let the developer know regarding your feedback.

The app(12 MB) is available at Windows Phone store at a price tag of RS.55($0.99). A trial version of the app is also available, which is fully functional but limited to a single alarm. Buy the app, if you want to show your support towards the developer
Click here to download the appor scan the QR code below to download.

Let us know your feedback in the comments.
Happy Sharing! 
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Nokia Lumia 525 available for Rs.10,779 at Infibeam!

The long awaited Nokia Lumia 525 is available at popular online shopping portal Infibeam for Rs.10,779. 
Lumia 525 is the successor of the most popular windows phone on the planet and sports 1GB of RAM, which allows users to play graphics intense games. Nokia has partnered with Gameloft to offer premium games worth Rs.2,025 for free. The list of games available are:
  • Asphalt 7: Heat
  • Modern Combat 4
  • N.O.V.A.
  • Order & Chaos
  • Shark Dash
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles
  • Let’s Golf 2
  • Brain Challenge HD
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
Nokia India is also offering 20GB of free SkyDrive space for all Lumia phones purchased till January 31st.

Click here to buy Lumia 525 at an attractive price of Rs.10,779.

Some main features of the device are:
  • 5 MP Rear Camera
  • 10.16 cm Super sensitive Touch Screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor
  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 1 GB RAM

Watch out video featuring Lumia 525 below after break:

So why waiting?
Grab the device before anyone does and be the first among your friends to own a Lumia 525!
Happy Sharing!
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Monday, 6 January 2014

Federal Bank launches FedBook - an electronic passbook app!

Federal Bank India has launched an app called FedBook,a convenient and secure mobile passbook for your Federal Bank Account. Federal Bank already has an mobile banking app FedMobile but this app keeps you updated with real time transactions without the need of phone calls or SMS. The app also has options for adding tags and personalized remarks for transactions. But please do note that you need your mobile mobile number to be registered with Federal Bank for FedAlert or FedMobile facility.

Main features of the app:
  • Facility to tag transactions and add personalized remarks for transactions 
  • Search and filter facility to find a transaction. 
  • View Transactions of all operative accounts at a single window
The app is quite useful when you are on the go and is much easier than the traditional way of going to the branch and updating passbook.The UI is good and we didn't find any bugs. But we think the feature should be integrated with the FedMobile app so that customers don't have to install a separate app. So whatever it may be, we recommend Federal Bank customers among our readers to try out this app and tell us how do you feel!

You can download the FREE app(2 MB) from the store here or you can scan the QR code using your Windows Phone!

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Capture your life moments using the Momento app for Windows Phone!

We all  capture our perfect moments in life and loves to memorize all those precious moments along your life. So what if an app was there to store these moments in an amazing way? Then, Momento is the app you are looking for! With "Momento" for Windows Phone 8, your photo moment will be enriched with some decorations.  You can overlay your photo with some captions, frames, stickers,effects and can share your photo moment with your family, friends and everyone.

If you are using the app for the first time, you will be greeted with a tutorial on launching the app.You can choose your moment by clicking on the Camera button or the Gallery button on the top. After selecting the image, you can choose the type of moment from the categories present.You will have options for Place,Food,Baby or event. You can later on add stickers,effects,frames,etc to make your moment more perfect. Add location and save the moment for another time. You can also share it to your friends via social networks or other media.We think its unfair if we keep on telling the app's functionality as it is pretty simple and we are sure you will get used with it within a few minutes.

The app's UI is pretty awesome and works smoothly. We found no glitches or lags and we congratulate the developers for the work.So head past the store and download the free app(4MB) by clicking the link  or scan the QR code present.  

Don't hesitate to capture your moments even if it's you are celebrating your graduation or  attending your best friend's wedding or blowing your candles birthday cake off! Capture the moments and if they are worth, we will share it on our facebook page!
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Monday, 30 December 2013

Compile your codes online using the LearnComputerScience app!

Many of our readers who are majoring in computer science and other enthusiasts have asked us regarding an app that could compile codes. Our answer was no before as there were no good apps available. But right now we found an awesome app called ' LearnComputerScience' which is tailored for learning computer science right from your windows phone. The app is indeed the mobile version of the site CSpractical

The app contains:
1.Insightful Video Tutorials for clear understanding.
2.Exemplary Source Codes for practical purpose 
3.Interview Questions of many major IT firms to get better placement. 
4.Online Compiler which supports 60+ languages.
5.Comprehensive Notes for all subjects will be added soon


See what the developer of the app has to say regarding the app after the break.
"We have launched our Windows Phone app to help users to access our data with ease on Mobile Phones so as to help them and provide them FREE EDUCATION in the field of Computer Science and Programming."
On launching the app you will have options for video tutorials,Source codes,online compiler and interview questions. The most impressive feature of the app is indeed the online compiler present. It supports 60+ popular languages and is fast even in low connections. It is  of well use for professionals and students on the go. As an engineering student I personally use the app a lot for compiling C and C++ programs. The video tutorial section consists of various videos in the field of computer science from the official YouTube channel of the site. The videos sections load faster and we found no problems. The source code section comes handy as it contains some useful reference source codes. The interview question section contains interview questions from Google,Microsoft,Adobe,etc. This is also useful while preparing for interviews. Overall the app is made for learning computer science from your Windows Phone itself.

The design of the app is not the best around and we have informed the developers to improve the UI. We did feel the ads displayed at the bottom annoying as it kills smooth experience.The bright background annoys me personally and is not a pleasure to watch.But the app is worth downloading when we consider the functions it provides. It is one such of a kind and is unique. So head to the store and download the FREE app(1MB) by clicking the following link or you can scan the QR code present. Please note that the app is available only for Windows Phone 8 devices.

All computer maniacs out there, try the app and let us know the feedback!

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