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Sunday, 12 January 2014

AlarmMe, a beautiful alarm alternative for Windows Phone

AlarmMe is a beautiful minimalist alarm alternative for Windows Phone. The app fuses Modern UI and colorful design elements to give you a unique viewing experience. It's way different from the traditional stock alarm present on Windows Phone.Unlike the other alarm apps, the app doesn't doesn't need run off in the background and it's great.Though we have handful of quality photography and weather apps on the windows phone store, we haven't seen much Alarm apps in the store. Trust me, its a perfect app and is worth every penny. The minimalist approach and modern UI makes it unique among other Alarm apps.

               On your first run, you will be greeted with a tutorial.The tutorial is nice and teaches you to use the app perfectly. After the tutorial you will land on a page which has a radial dial. Simply slide on the dial to change the time and double tap to set the alarm. You can add multiple alarms and can also name them intuitively. Tap on the gear for more settings. The app also has the ability to pin alarms as live tile to your start screen.One thing that I loved is the background image of the app. It's pretty awesome and is dynamic. It will change according to the time. Like the cities will be lit up if it's night(PM) and if it's a day(AM) you will see a beautiful sunny day. It's beyond explanation(I can't really explain it!) and we recommend you to give it a try. Regarding the usability, no more explanations as the  tutorial does its job pretty clean.
Main features
* Slide to a time and double tap to set the alarm
* Edit the alarm settings like repeat days, name, color etc.
* Pin your alarms to the Start screen
* Add alarms with a single tap
* Select from a list of catchy tones with more coming in future updates

Talking about the stability of the app,we found no major lags or glitches.We have been using the app for a while as we were part of the private beta of the app. We tested it on our Lumia  520,620,720 and 920. It worked perfectly on these devices. You might find some small bugs as the app is till at its early stages.Hats off to the developer for it's clean and modern UI. We have been in touch with the developer for a while and he gave some hints regarding the future updates. More tones, 24 hour system option,bug fixes,coupons for users and  beta testers,etc are some features of the upcoming updates. Let's not stress much on these right now as we will cover more about these  on future posts. Right now, use the app and let us know if you find any bugs and we will let the developer know regarding your feedback.

The app(12 MB) is available at Windows Phone store at a price tag of RS.55($0.99). A trial version of the app is also available, which is fully functional but limited to a single alarm. Buy the app, if you want to show your support towards the developer
Click here to download the appor scan the QR code below to download.

Let us know your feedback in the comments.
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  1. Awesome creativity dev.
    Hats off...(",)

  2. Thanks for the posting.
    - Developer of the app


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