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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lumia Black rolling out for Lumia 920 and 820 users in India,some users facing errors while updating! [Updated]

 It seems Nokia is rolling out the Lumia Black update for Lumia 920 and 820 users in India. Lumia Black is a firmware update for all Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices. Head past the settings and check whether update is available for your phone.

But, don't be so excited. Unfortunately most of the users weren't able to successfully update their phones to the newer version as most of them faced an error code 80188309 while installing.We checked on our phones and we end up in the same error. Many of our members in our Official Facebook group got the same error while updating. When we googled( oops,'bing'ed)  the error, we found that we are not the only people who got the error.

Only a few lucky users where able to install the update. Most of the users, including us ended up with an error when the installation reached 94-98%. Unfortunately the Lumia Black availability page still shows the update as 'Coming Soon' for Lumia 920 & 820.

We are not sure about what the error is.We have contacted Nokia India from our side and are waiting for their response. We will update the post as soon as we gather more information. In the meantime stick with us and stay updated regarding the news.

Update 1.(02.01 AM IST):-
The issue is being reported worldwide. Remember,we had the same issue when Amber update was rolled out. Some users received only GDR2 from Microsoft and they didn't receive Amber update from Nokia. Here in this case, we assume that  users are getting only the Lumia Black update. But it's still a mystery how some users managed to update their phones. No more assumptions, we will wait for Nokia team to address  the issue. We will have to wait till morning as it's pretty late in India. Stay tuned!

Update 2.(14.06 PM IST)
The mystery is solved. Only users who have GDR3 developer preview preinstalled on their phones were able to update their phones. Others who were on Amber ended up on the error.On Microsoft Forum,they announced the issue was fixed. Still Indian users who are running on Amber are not able to download. Check out the thread on Microsoft.Forums.


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