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Monday, 30 December 2013

Compile your codes online using the LearnComputerScience app!

Many of our readers who are majoring in computer science and other enthusiasts have asked us regarding an app that could compile codes. Our answer was no before as there were no good apps available. But right now we found an awesome app called ' LearnComputerScience' which is tailored for learning computer science right from your windows phone. The app is indeed the mobile version of the site CSpractical

The app contains:
1.Insightful Video Tutorials for clear understanding.
2.Exemplary Source Codes for practical purpose 
3.Interview Questions of many major IT firms to get better placement. 
4.Online Compiler which supports 60+ languages.
5.Comprehensive Notes for all subjects will be added soon


See what the developer of the app has to say regarding the app after the break.
"We have launched our Windows Phone app to help users to access our data with ease on Mobile Phones so as to help them and provide them FREE EDUCATION in the field of Computer Science and Programming."
On launching the app you will have options for video tutorials,Source codes,online compiler and interview questions. The most impressive feature of the app is indeed the online compiler present. It supports 60+ popular languages and is fast even in low connections. It is  of well use for professionals and students on the go. As an engineering student I personally use the app a lot for compiling C and C++ programs. The video tutorial section consists of various videos in the field of computer science from the official YouTube channel of the site. The videos sections load faster and we found no problems. The source code section comes handy as it contains some useful reference source codes. The interview question section contains interview questions from Google,Microsoft,Adobe,etc. This is also useful while preparing for interviews. Overall the app is made for learning computer science from your Windows Phone itself.

The design of the app is not the best around and we have informed the developers to improve the UI. We did feel the ads displayed at the bottom annoying as it kills smooth experience.The bright background annoys me personally and is not a pleasure to watch.But the app is worth downloading when we consider the functions it provides. It is one such of a kind and is unique. So head to the store and download the FREE app(1MB) by clicking the following link or you can scan the QR code present. Please note that the app is available only for Windows Phone 8 devices.

All computer maniacs out there, try the app and let us know the feedback!


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