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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Silence your Windows Phone on schedule using the 'Quiet Hours' app!

Quiet Hours app for Windows Phone lets you to silence your phone on schedule allowing the user to sleep without any disturbance of notifications,calls,etc.The feature of controlling the volume of the ringer via an app is something new and intuitive.

The features of the app are:
  • Using it you can schedule when you want to turn silent mode on or off*. 
  • Do it manually in application. 
  • Or use toggle tile on main screen and turn mode by single click!
 Due to the Windows Phone limitation, background task can be run only once per 30 minutes, so the scheduler won't be able to set Sound volume at exact point of time.Also an in app purchase needs to be done, if you want to use scheduler. The UI is not the best we have seen.It's a simple app and we didn't find any major bugs. Overall the app is worth a try.

You can download the app(2 MB) from Windows Phone Store from here or scan the QR code present above.

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